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Spirit of Abraham Lives Strong in Fresno



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The Islamic Cultural Center opened its doors Friday evening in a show of openness and cooperation.
The community celebrated the Spirit of Abraham awards, recognizing those who promote interfaith cooperation and contribute towards the enhancement and understanding of Islam and Muslims in our Valley.
This year’s winners include Rabbi Rick Winer and Ahwahnee Middle School.
Accepting on Winer’s behalf was his wife, Rabbi Laura Novak Winer.
“These are Rabbi Rick’s words: Salem Alechem, Shalom Alechem, Ramadan Mubarak and Shabbat Shalom,” said Novak Winer. “I’m deeply honored by this award, but even more touched by the depth of our relationship with the Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno and the many people who make it a home to our family and a beacon of justice in our community.”
Principal Jose Guzman accepted the award for his school’s welcoming of Syrian immigrants.
“Our job is to make sure that every student that comes to our school feels that that’s their school,” said Guzman. “We were recently blessed to have a new wave of Syrian refugees end up coming to our school. I want to make sure that these newcomers come to our school and have what they need to be successful, and so thankfully the Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno was able to help us.”
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