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Roe's Video Pick: Reginald the Persian Kitty



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Reginald is a must-see!
This morning, two colleagues were talking about what a great looking slo-mo video looks like and as they were giving their examples I had to share one of my favorites.
I dug into my memory bank of great videos and I remembered a kitten named Reginald that was just too darn cute.

Cut and Dry | Too Cute

Reginald is a Persian kitten who was showcased on Animal Planet’s “Too Cute” series of kittens and puppies. This kitten is shown getting bathed and blow-dried in the most dramatic way possible!
I advise against watching the video on mute at your desk.
Gather a few friends, just as I did, and listen to the narration. Every time I hear it, it has me hanging on the edge of my seat.
Bottom line: It is purr-fectly entertaining.
(Roe Borunda is an associate producer for GV Wire. You can contact her via Twitter, @roetography, and on Facebook.)