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Roe's Video Pick: Incan Trail to Stunning Machu Picchu



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My fiance and I aren’t gift-givers.
He’s the practical one and I am the one who wants a new iPhone case every other month.
Do you get where I am going with this?
On our first Christmas, I received practical gifts and I gave him a San Francisco Giants hat that he already had but looked a little different.
So, the next Christmas we started a Borunda-Gentry tradition — no presents.
We decided that on Christmas Day we would pick a place to travel to outside of California together for the following year.
He broke the rule that year.
He proposed to me and had the ring hanging from our first ornament.
His present was me saying YES!
Besides all the mushy engagement stuff, we still made it a point to discuss “traditional” present and picked Portugal to be our Christmas travel present.

Flash-forward to 2017 Christmas Travel Present

I am a second-generation Peruvian-American.
As I have shared in a previous Roe’s Video Pick: Father Teaches Daughter to Drive in Saudi Arabia, my grandparents grew up in Peru with their families and migrated to the United States.
When my grandfather passed, my grandmother always needed someone to go with her to see the family in Peru.
I never took the chance to go with her for whatever reasons.
But, I was reminded of Peru again through this video.
The beautiful Incan Trail to Machu Picchu is absolutely stunning and known for being the “Most Difficult Marathon in the World.”
The video shows you the path through the Andes from the 26.2-mile marathon in June of 2017.
After watching this video with my fiance, we instantly hopped on the United Airlines website to find out how much it would cost us for our 2018 trip.
The airfare isn’t all that expensive to get to such an amazing trail.