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12 Days of Philanthropy: Fresno Police Department's Southwest Division Gift-Wraps Love



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The holiday season is a busy time of year for law enforcement, which must be extra vigilant about protecting shoppers and also keep a close eye on suspected drunken drivers.
In addition, our local agencies reach out to communities, especially children, to make this a special time.
Ariana Kasparian, a Fresno police officer in the Southwest District, is committed to showing youngsters and adults the human side of her profession throughout the year. Her goal is to bridge the gap between the police department and the people they serve.
And, she says, there’s always a possibility that some young girl or boy that she helps with homework or plays sports with will be inspired to become a police officer.
This week, Kasparian and a fellow officer helped children wrap donated gifts to take home for their loved ones. The Fresno Street Saints event was held at the Bigby Community Center.
After the children completed their gift-wrapping, they and the officers jumped into two Police Athletic League vans and took in Christmas Tree Lane.
“It’s ultimately about changing their lives and changing their families’ lives as well,” Kasparian said about the department’s year-around outreach.
As you can tell from the video above, it was smiles all around.