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Bloomberg Says He'll Spend $80 Million To Elect Democrats



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Billionaire and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg will spend $80 million to help elect Democrats to the House of Representatives, the New York Times reports.
Writer Alexander Burns speculates Bloomberg will target more urban areas where President Donald Trump is not as popular, avoiding rural areas.
Democrats need a net gain of 23 seats to take control of the lower chamber of Congress.

In a Special Class

The amount Bloomberg plans to contribute puts him in class with other mega-rich political downers like Californian hedge fund billionaire Tom Steyer, casino magnate Sheldon Adelson and the industrialist Koch brothers.
“Republicans in Congress have had almost two years to prove they could govern responsibly. They failed,” the Times quotes Bloomberg.
According to federal election data, since 2017 Bloomberg donated more than $500,000 to congressional candidates and PACs. A majority went to his Independence USA PAC, focusing on candidates with a liberal view on gun laws, environment, education and marriage equality.