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Washington Post Fact Checks John Cox's Claim About His Childhood



Portrait of California gubernatorial candidate John Cox
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Glenn Kessler — who writes researches and writes The Fact Checker for The Washington Post — decided to investigate this oft-repeated statement by California gubernatorial candidate John Cox:
“I’m not part of the political class. I was raised by a single mom, public school teacher on the South Side of Chicago.”
Kessler began digging into the claim after receiving a tip and documents from California resident Michelle Pettigrew, who has donated to Gavin Newsom’s campaign and hosted a fundraiser for him.
Cox, a Republican, is pitted against Newsom, a Democrat, in the Nov. 6 election.
Writes Kessler: “With the passage of six decades, it’s sometimes hard to separate facts from memories, so we are not offering a Pinocchio (true-false) rating. Readers can draw their own conclusions.”
But the Fact Checker found several inconsistencies in Cox’s statements about his upbringing made in interviews, his own book, and campaign ads.

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You can read the story at this link.
(Click on The Washington Post video above to view a 1 minute, 21 second summary of the story.)