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How Will Newsom Lead California? He Explains.



Portrait of Gavin Newsom
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In this 6-minute preview of his plans for California, Gov-elect Gavin Newsom explains why he’s a risk-taker and how he plans to fix what ails the state.

In the video interview above, Newsom talks about how he will lead California. He covers healthcare, his relationship with President Donald Trump, climate change, and more issues facing the Golden State.

Newsom Video Timestamps

Here are his thoughts (accompanied by video timestamps):

— Single-payer healthcare (0:17)

— Taxes (0:57)

— Relationship with President Trump (1:15)

— Education (2:02)

— Success gap (2:28)

— Natural disasters (3:15)

— Climate change (3:29)

— Pensions (3:59)

— Death penalty (4:41)

— How he differs from Gov. Jerry Brown (5:03)