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Terry Cox Named President of Central Unified School Board



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The Central Unified School Board unanimously voted in Area 5 veteran incumbent Terry Cox as board president at its meeting Tuesday at Central East High School.
“It is a big responsibility, but I am glad to take it on,” said Cox, who has served on the board for 18 years.

“It is a big responsibility, but I am glad to take it on.” — Terry Cox, Central School Board President
Cox has been board president several times during her tenure. She looks at the leadership position as a way to get the board working as a team.
“The biggest thing that I look forward to is getting to know the other board members, getting to understand what they would like to see brought forward or worked on at our district and prioritized,” Cox said.
Three new members Yesenia Carrillo, Jason Paul, and Naindeep Singh Chann — were sworn in at the board meeting. Re-elected incumbent Richard Atkins was sworn in also.
Cox succeeds Cesar Granda as board president. Granda lost his re-election bid to Paul.

A Great Choice, Says Superintendent

Superintendent Andrew Alvarado said Cox was a great choice.
“I think Terry will do a fabulous job,” Alvarado said.
Tina Tompkins, who is active in district affairs as a parent, said she is excited to have a woman in the lead position.
“She has been in our district for a long time, she has experience, and I think she is going to guide our new board members and make the right decisions for our kids,” Tompkins said.
Said Area 5 Trustee Richard Solis: “She has a lot of experience on the board, and I am sure she is going to bring that to us.”

New Trustees Get Leadership Roles

The board also unanimously voted in Carrillo as its vice president. The board voted Paul as board clerk.
Cox said she is very pleased with the makeup of the new board and looks forward to a great year.
“The board is very diverse and I think it is going to be a very positive experience with us,” she said.
Carrillo said she is looking forward to getting a lot of work done as vice president.
“I am just really excited about all of the great things we are going to be working on and doing for our district,” she said.

The Board Votes for Its New President