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Claudia Cazares Named President of Fresno Unified School Board



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The Fresno Unified School Board unanimously voted in Area 6 incumbent Claudia Cazares as board president at its meeting Wednesday at FUSD headquarters.
“I am truly honored and very excited about the vote of confidence from my fellow colleagues,” Cazares said.
Cazares was elected to the board in 2016 after beating out candidate Jack Jarvis.

Portrait of Claudia Cazares
“I am truly honored and very excited about the vote of confidence from my fellow colleagues.” — Claudia Cazares, Fresno School Board President
As board president, Cazares hopes to make a “great amount of difference” for children in the district.
“We have an opportunity in the next coming years to implement some significant changes that will improve our children’s outcomes, and make sure they are ready for college or career,” Cazares said.
Three new members — Terry Slatic, Veva Islas, and Keshia Thomas — were sworn in at the board meeting. Re-elected incumbent Valerie Davis was sworn in also.
Cazares succeeds Elizabeth Jonasson Rosas as board president.
Rosas said she is appreciative of the opportunity to have served.
“It was a great year, I am proud of all of the stuff that we accomplished, and the momentum that we have (going) forward,” Rosas said.

Selection of Cazares Applauded by Trustees, Parents

Islas said Cazares was an “exceptional” choice.
“Claudia definitely has shown her leadership and I am looking forward to this coming year with her as our board president,” Islas said.
Chrissy Kelly, who frequently attends board meetings, said Cazares will do a “fantastic” job as board president.
“She is a parent of a student in the district and I think that helps give her an additional perspective that’s absolutely needed,” Kelly said.
Thomas said: “I think she will do an amazing job and I am happy to see what comes next.”

Fresh Faces, Unique Viewpoints

The board also unanimously voted in Area 5 Trustee Carol Mills as board clerk.
Cazares said she is excited to begin the new year with fresh faces and unique viewpoints on issues.
“I think we will be able to synergize and use all of our knowledge and experiences to move us in the right direction this next year,” Cazares said.
Thomas believes the new “dynamic group” will do great things for the district.
“We are already meshing, and it looks like it is going to be a great year,” she said.

The Board Votes for Its New President