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Habitat for Humanity Puts Affordable Housing Within Reach



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Worrying about rats biting you while you sleep in your home is not what anyone would call living the American Dream.
Unfortunately, that scenario is something Matthew Grundy finds all too prevalent in the Fresno community.

“44,000 residents…lack safe and decent housing in the greater Fresno area.” —Matthew Grundy,
Fresno Habitat for Humanity CEO
“There’s actually 44,000 residents that lack safe and decent housing in the greater Fresno area,” said Grundy, CEO of Habitat for Humanity Greater Fresno Area. “Habitat is here to help solve that problem.”
Since 1985, the Christian housing organization has helped address the problem by building new homes, rehabilitating existing homes, and performing repairs for families living in Fresno and Madera counties. Beneficiaries work alongside local volunteers on most Habitat for Humanity projects.

Improving Housing for Families

Habitat continues striving to eliminate substandard housing and homelessness. Close to 300 families in the greater Fresno area benefit annually from Habitat’s efforts. Grundy and his team work tirelessly to expand that number every year.
Partnering with community members in dire straits to help them realize the benefit of being a homeowner is transformative, Grundy said.
“Owning your own home is something that Americans have sought after from the beginning of time here in this nation,” he said. “It is something that allows you to have your own place, your own spot, something to call your own.”
Watch the 12 Days of Giving video above by GV Wire’s Jahz Tello to find out more about the impact of Habitat for Humanity in the Fresno area.