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Tree Fresno Throws Shade. But in a Very Good Way.



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What’s better than sitting underneath the shade of a tree on a hot Fresno day?
Not much!

“A life without green space is a life that is not going to be satisfying.”Lee Ayres, Tree Fresno CEO
Tree Fresno’s mission is planting and maintaining trees in and around the city.
“A life without green space is a life that is not going to be satisfying. It isn’t going to be healthy. We know people do better in open space and under trees,” says Tree Fresno CEO Lee Ayres.

Over 44,000 Trees Planted

The group’s mission is to transform the Central Valley with trees, greenways, and “beautiful landscapes” as Ayres describes.
“We’re losing thousands of trees in our parks and our cities that haven’t been replaced — a lot of it because of the drought; then some of it because we simply didn’t provide the care that they needed,” Ayres says.
By Ayres’ estimation, Tree Fresno has planted more than 44,000 trees in the organization’s 33 years.

Big Goals Still to Come

The Tree Fresno website states that the group wants to “teach the art of living green to every citizen.”
It also has more tangible tasks: Improve the landscapes at Fresno State, develop the Valley Arboretum, build a Veterans’ Grove, and of course, overall tree planting.
Watch the 12 Days of Giving video above by GV Wire’s Jahz Tello to see the contributions Tree Fresno is making to create a healthier community.