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Valiant Survivors Reclaim Their Femininity in the Face of Cancer



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Cancer takes an intense, emotional toll on those who are stricken with the dreaded disease and face the challenge of battling and treating its effects.
For women, the experience can be especially traumatic as chemotherapy, radiation and surgery often result in physical changes to their bodies that affect their self-esteem. This added stress makes fighting and recovering from cancer an even more difficult process.

“Every woman battling cancer wants to be seen as a beautiful valiant warrior,”Holly Carter

A Survivor Helping Others

That’s why Holly Carter, a survivor herself, founded The Face of Cancer. “The loss of our sense of beauty and femininity is counterproductive to an optimistic state of mind,” she says.
In Carter’s experience, “every woman battling cancer wants to be seen as a beautiful valiant warrior.” The Face of Cancer helps to bring that strong self-image to life by facilitating fantasy photo shoots based on a glamorous runway model experience.

A Transforming Experience

Fine gowns are provided and professional makeup artists volunteer their talents while professional photographers capture amazing images and video of the memory-making moments – all at no cost to the recipient.
The women who participate are transformed, Carter says. “She opens up during this process and she shares her soul, she shares her spirit. It comes out and then we capture it.”
Carter can personally attest to the life-affirming benefit of her organization’s efforts. “What The Face of Cancer seeks to do,” she says, “is inspire hope.”
Watch the 12 Days of Giving video above by GV Wire’s Jahz Tello to find out more about The Face of Cancer and its compassionate mission.