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Opinion: India Under Modi Is Becoming a Brutal Authoritarian State



Photo of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi
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Using all its tools of propaganda and tactics of intimidation, Narendra Modi government is broadcasting the message that all is well in India. It isn’t. The truth is that India, as a nation, is going through a great turmoil – economically, politically and socially. As the author and activist Arundhati Roy puts it, “an illness is upon us.”

The Indian economy, once the world’s fastest-growing economy, is now sick. As Arvind Subramanian, Modi’s former Chief Economic Advisor wrote this month, the Indian economy is “headed for the intensive care unit.” He noted that growth has slowed “to just 4.5 per cent, the worst for a long time,” and that economic indicators, from goods and services, exports, imports and government revenue “are all close to negative territory.”

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