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Tony Hawk Gets His Skateboard Kicks in Empty Lemoore Pool



Image of Tony Hawk at other skateboarders shot at an apartment complex in Lemooore, California
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Having just celebrated his 52nd birthday earlier this month, Tony “Birdman” Hawk is still doing what skateboarders do.

On Memorial Day, Hawk and his family turned up at a Lemoore apartment complex with a drained swimming pool.

Understand: an empty swimming pool is nirvana for skateboarders.

“Sometimes people ask me what advantages or perks come with having some level of fame,” Hawk said in a Twitter post. “Here is one of the most unique and unexpected: sneaking in to skate an empty pool with your kids and instead of getting kicked out or arrested, we were cheered on by the tenants of the building.”

WARNING: This video includes explicit language.

Hawk’s Net Worth is $140 Million

Hawk is the world-famous champion skateboarder turned entrepreneur whose net worth is about $140 million, according to

The San Diego native who now resides in the nearby beach city of Encinitas can’t go anywhere without being recognized.

“I’m a gangster, but I know Tony Hawk when I see Tony Hawk!” yelled a man outside the wrought-iron fence surrounding the pool.

Radio personality/DJ Raymond Garcia saw Hawk at the complex and posted a video on Twitter.

Hawk Surfs in Lemoore, Too

What was Hawk doing in Lemoore?

Taking his second crack at the exclusive Kelly Slater Surf Ranch. In his first visit, back in 2018, he and Shaun White — the three-time Olympic gold medalist snowboarder — road the waves for a day.

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