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Survey: More Israelis Oppose West Bank Annexation Than Support It



Photo of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
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More Israelis oppose annexation of West Bank land than support it, and only 3.5% list it among their top priorities, according to a survey commissioned and published by the left-wing Geneva Initiative group.
The opinion poll showed that 41.7% of the public oppose annexation while 32.2% support it, the group said in a statement on Sunday, hours after thousands rallied in Tel Aviv against the proposal.
Some 48% believe such a move — planned for next month by the government in coordination with the Trump administration — would harm chances to achieve peace with the Palestinians, while just 13.8% think it would aid peace prospects.
Just 3.5% mentioned annexation when asked about their top two priorities for the country. The economy was listed by 42.4% of respondents, public health by 24.6% and security by 17.4%.
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