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Israel's High Court Strikes Down West Bank Land-grab Law as 'Unconstitutional'



Photo of the West Bank Jewish settlement of Mitzpe Yeriho
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Israel’s High Court of Justice ordered on Tuesday to nullify a law that would legalize the status of settlements partially built on privately owned Palestinian land under the claim that it is “unconstitutional.”
The “Law for the Regularization of Settlement in Judea and Samaria” was approved in February 2017. It was meant to allow the use of privately-owned Palestinian land to build Israeli settlements and to legalize outposts and structures erected on such soil.
The law was frozen shortly after its approval in an agreement between the state and several petitioners against it until the High Court ruled on the matter.
In her ruling, Supreme Court President Esther Hayut said that the law “seeks to retroactively legalize illegal acts perpetrated by a specific population in the region whilst harming the rights of another.”
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