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Tracking the Pandemic: Are Coronavirus Cases Rising or Falling in Your State?



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More than 2 million people in the U.S. have tested positive for the coronavirus and more than 110,000 have died. The growth in new cases and deaths overall has at least temporarily slowed, but that pattern hasn’t been consistent across the country. New hot spots are emerging as others subside.
Many states began relaxing some social distancing measures in May, and health leaders are watching for signs that the virus is starting to spread more aggressively. In the graphics below, explore the trend in new cases in your state to see whether cases are rising, falling or staying level. To jump to a map of total cases and deaths by state, click here.
The following chart displays states’ trends in new daily case counts, total cases, and per capita totals. To compare state outbreaks, the trend lines for average new daily cases are graphed against each state’s total case count to date. This highlights a state’s daily growth relative to the overall size of its outbreak.
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