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Afghan Interpreter Who Saved US Troops Gets American Citizenship



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Many immigrants have inspiring stories. Then there’s Janis Shinwari, who worked eight years as an Afghan interpreter with the U.S. military in some of the most dangerous parts of his homeland.
“During his service, he saved the lives of five American soldiers. That is not something many people can say,” Ken Cuccinelli, the acting director of Citizenship and Immigration Services.
Socially distanced and wearing masks, 170 immigrants became the newest American citizens Monday in a series back-to-back naturalization ceremonies in Fairfax, Virgina. About 15 took the oath at a time to guard against overcrowding in the government office.
As an interpreter, Shinwari wasn’t supposed to fight when he joined the U.S. military in 2004. But four years later, he was with an American unit that was ambushed by the Taliban in eastern Afrghanistan.
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