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Here’s How Key Swing States Are Leaning in the Presidential Race — and How They’re Weathering the Recession



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As a few battleground states look on track to decide the 2020 White House race, it’s worth looking at how their economies are faring during the coronavirus recession.

Do any key swing states suffer from a relatively high unemployment rate, potentially making them easier game for Democratic challenger Joe Biden as he battles President Donald Trump?

Pennsylvania, with its 20 electoral votes, appears to fit the bill. The Keystone State had 10.3% unemployment last month, topping the national rate of 8.4%.

The table below shows how six key swing states have been faring in terms of August unemployment, as well as two other metrics based on data from earlier in the summer — renters behind on payments to their landlords and usage of food stamps, also known as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits.

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