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High Wind Danger Could Lead PG&E To Shut Off Power To Foothills Residents This Weekend



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With high winds expected this weekend in the eastern parts of Fresno County, officials are warning residents to be cautious of potential hazards, specifically in Creek Fire burn areas.

The National Weather Service office in Hanford says a fire weather watch has been issued for the Sierra Nevada and Kern County mountains and foothills from late Sunday night until Tuesday afternoon.

The combination of high winds and low relative humidity’s may create a period of critical fire weather conditions during this time.

Possible Power Shutoffs

“It could start Sunday and last through Tuesday.”Dan Lynch, Division Manager of Fresno County Emergency Services 

PG&E says the areas with the highest probability of being affected by Public Safety Power Shutoff  for the weekend wind event are the adjacent terrain of the northern and western Sacramento Valley, northern and central Sierra, as well as higher terrain of the Bay Area, including the Santa Cruz mountains, central coast region and portions of southern Kern County.

Dan Lynch, Division Manager of Fresno County’s Emergency Services Division told reporters during an afternoon Zoom call he’s been notified about the possible power shutoff this weekend.

“It could start Sunday and last through Tuesday,” said Lynch. “We’ll see the areas of Huntington, Shaver Lake, potentially have the power outage.”

But, Lynch says if PG&E shuts off some of the power grid to protect against fires, it could affect other areas including Tollhouse, Piedra, Prather and Auberry. Lynch says Southern California Edison and PG&E will have workers in the area through the event to monitor equipment.

PG&E released a notification of possible public safety power shutoffs. Zone 8 encompasses the foothills east of Fresno and could see power shut offs due to high winds and fire danger. (PG&E)

Fresno County

“The burned trees and debris left by the Creek Fire creates additional risks for residents and property owners in the area as winds can bring down weakened branches, and create potentially dangerous situations,” said Lynch. “We encourage people to understand the risks involved if they are in the area and take appropriate measures to stay safe.”

During wind events in areas impacted by the fire, Fresno County issued these guidelines:

  • Stay clear of damaged trees and structures to avoid potential injury from falling debris.
  • Avoid digging in or otherwise disturbing ash and debris to prevent dust
  • If in an area where hazardous ash and dust may be present, wear appropriate safety equipment including N95 masks, gloves and boots.