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‘Tear Gas Everywhere’: Central Valley Proud Boy’s Video of US Capitol Riot Could Be Used as Evidence Against Group



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WASHINTON D.C. (KGO) — The FBI has been making arrests and trying to identify others who rioted at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday.

New evidence is surfacing Friday, from a firsthand account from a California member of the Proud Boys who was there.

This member of the Central Valley Proud Boys gave the I-Team’s Dan Noyes permission to show his video, but it could become a problem for the group. It confirms that a national leader of the Proud Boys was there, leading dozens of members as they rushed the building.

We first met Eddie Block covering Trump rallies and counter-protests in Sacramento. He has difficulty walking so he live-streams events from his scooter; but make no mistake. He’s a full-fledged Proud Boy, earning his fourth degree of initiation into the group for a fight with anti-fascists last November.

Block said, “I don’t know if I hurt the guy or not because I’m crippled, but I got my punches in.”

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