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Moms in Notorious Bakersfield 3 Case Speak with Dr. Phil About ‘Gruesome’ Developments



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The moms of the so-called “Bakersfield 3” spoke on “Dr. Phil” Tuesday to discuss developments in the notorious crime case since their previous appearances on the show in 2018.

Cheryl Holsonbake, Jane Parrent and Diane Byrne — along with a few other family members — talked with Dr. Phil about the case as part of Tuesday’s episode, titled “The Bakersfield 3: The Gruesome Discoveries Two Years Later.”

The case revolves around three friends who were either killed or went missing within two months of each other in 2018. The remains of one of the missing individuals, Micah Holsonbake, were found in the Kern River months after his disappearance. Another, James Kulstad, was shot and killed just weeks after Holsonbake went missing. The third individual, Baylee Despot, has not been seen since she disappeared around the same time.

Despot has since been charged, in absentia, with murder, torture and other crimes related to the case. Two others have been charged as well.

“I don’t believe Baylee is alive,” Parrent said about her daughter. “My heart knows something bad has happened to her, but my head doesn’t want to catch up to that place yet.”

The mothers of the “Bakersfield 3” joined forces early on to push the investigation of the case forward. They acknowledged in the Tuesday interview with Dr. Phil that the development of Baylee being charged in connection with Micah’s death put strain on their relationship.

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