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How MrBeast Burgers Came to Fresno and Who Makes Them



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MrBeast — an award-winning digital content creator known for his over-the-top stunts and charitable endeavors — has a new tasty footprint in the Central Valley.

MrBeast Burger teams up with restaurant kitchens. And, according to the company’s website, there are MrBeast Burger locations in Fresno, Clovis, and Lemoore.

Jimmy Donaldson is the creator of the MrBeast YouTube channel, which has 56.7 million subscribers. Business Insider reports that he has given away millions of dollars to strangers.

Based on the addresses listed, the Fresno and Clovis locations are run out of Fosters Freeze outlets. GV Wire℠ stopped by the Fosters Freeze location at Blackstone and Barstow avenues. A man popped his head out of the door there and said MrBeast Burgers were being made inside, but he wouldn’t let us in.

The Chicken Shack in downtown Fresno is also making MrBeast burgers. An employee there said in a phone interview that the burgers were added because the owner wanted to increase revenue during the pandemic and keep his employees on the payroll.

Customers can only order MrBeast Burger via a proprietary app or through major food-delivery service apps. Orders are delivered directly to your door.

According to Restaurant Business, the virtual restaurant concept went viral after its launch late last year and has sold more than one million burgers through this month. That’s about 12,000 burgers a day since the brand opened on Dec. 19, or about 40 per day at about 300 locations.

In comparison, McDonald’s is believed to sell about 50 million burgers a day worldwide.

GV Wire℠’s attempts to reach MrBeast himself or someone to speak on behalf of the company have been unsuccessful.

In addition to its own menu, the Fosters Freeze at Blackstone and Barstow avenues is making MrBeast Burgers for home delivery. (GV Wire/Jim Jakobs)

Burgers Named After People

On Nov. 19, 2020, fans of MrBeast descended upon the town of Wilson, North Carolina, with his best friends, Chandler, Chris, and Karl. They hosted thousands of fans during a pop-up event for MrBeast Burger.

Portrait of Jimmy Donaldson

Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson (Wikipedia)

Now, those friends are immortalized with products named in their honor:

  • Beast Style: Smashed crispy beef patties with house seasoning, sharp American cheese, pickles, diced white onion, mayo, ketchup, and brown mustard on a soft roll.
  • Chandler Style: Two smashed crispy beef patties with house seasoning, served plain with American cheese on a bun.
  • Chris Style: Two smashed crispy beef patties with house seasoning, sharp American cheese, bacon, topped with crinkle fries.
  • Karl’s Grilled Cheese: Three slices of American cheese griddled crisp on an inverted bun.

The burger prices range from $6.99 to $8.99. The virtual restaurant also sells chicken sandwiches, fries, cookies, and drinks.

GV Wire℠ Puts in an Order

GV Wire℠ put the ordering process to the test on Friday, Mar. 26. Using the DoorDash app, we ordered the Beast Style Burger Combo, which includes Beast Style fries and a soft drink.

The order was placed at 10:22 a.m. and arrived 30 minutes later.

The burger was warm and delicious and the Beast Style fries had a lot of flavor (we chose the unseasoned version).

This is how the burger looks right after the foil is rolled back. (GV Wire/Jim Jakobs)

Ghost Kitchens

Restaurant Business reports that so-called ghost kitchens have grown exponentially during the pandemic.

The publication says that that ghost kitchens can operate in small spaces and cater to consumers’ growing reliance on off-premise occasions. But they’re not without difficulties, with some operators finding it tough to market a restaurant that has no brick-and-mortar location.

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