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Biden Presidency Has Been a Succession of Failed Strategies



The turn of events since President Joe Biden assumed office is alarming, says retired educator Dr. Bill Atwood. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)
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“What do you know, Joe?” It is a fair question, and yet the president doesn’t take questions from the press. He has established the pattern that pleases his handlers to read his statement off the TelePrompTer at the “Fake White House” set across the street from the White House and then turns away to hide.

The turn of events since “Scranton Joe” assumed his office is alarming. Barack Obama’s statement that elections have consequences is so true. Joe’s achievements since January have certainly had a profound effect on all of us.

Keystone Pipeline Decision Cost 11,000 Jobs

Gasoline is a dollar more than last year. He took out his pen, eliminated 11,000 jobs on the Keystone Pipeline and made the United States an energy-dependent country. The petroleum-producing countries are happier as they get to charge much more for the oil. Some places in California are seeing $5 per gallon already. Atta boy, Joe!

Bill Atwood


Joe showed the world he could create a mess in Afghanistan greater than our enemies could have prayed for. Because he wanted to celebrate the end of that war on Sept. 11, he set the arbitrary date of evacuation for Aug. 31. Because of his decisions, billions of dollars of military equipment have been handed over to the Taliban. We still have personnel there who are being hunted down and then tortured and killed because Joe left them stranded. The military have stated they warned him. Joe told George Stephanopoulos that he didn’t recall being told that. That’s probably true. He is showing memory problems and doesn’t recall much at all.

Joe threw open the gates to the country and more than 1 million folks have come in to ask for free stuff. Many are hoping to get jobs, but many are looking for the free stuff and they are also bringing in drugs for the cartels. Joe says they don’t have to be vaccinated. Joe is having those new residents shipped all over the country so that every state is now a “Border State.” Way to go, Joe!

Heating Fuel Costs Increasing, China Flexing Muscles

We have been warned that home heating fuel costs will be 53% greater than last year. I bet people earning less than $400,000 will notice that very taxing problem. Joe is the man!

China is flexing its muscles and I wouldn’t be surprised if Taiwan is overthrown before 2022. Joe and Hunter have to earn their money somehow. Putin is eyeing the Ukraine region that will fall soon as well, and Jan Psaki will have to spin those two problems. She will “circle back” with the answers

Inflation is adding $175 per month to the expense of each household. The liberal elites can afford that, however it means cutting back on purchases for the rest of us. Joe has helped with those cutbacks because he keeps offering money to people to not work. Employers can’t get people to ship goods to us. Joe has now impacted the supply chain. There will be shortages in stores everywhere. Surely Nancy has a large supply of her $100 a gallon ice cream in her $25,000 freezers.

Since Governor Newsom and his ilk have set the limit of $950 before a person will be charged with stealing and Joe has created supply chain shortages and liberals have established “no bail” as the rule I figure that the layoffs from the Vax Mandate of police officers will bring about wholesale looting in stores all over this state. When the government must get food to the masses in the large cities, we will feel it here.

Joe won’t know. The handlers will hand him his ice cream cone.

This article originally appeared in the Sierra Star and has been republished with permission. 

About the Author

Bill Atwood is retired educator with a doctorate in public administration from the University of Southern California. He resides in Madera County and serves as a trustee with the Bass Lake School District.

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