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Government Power Grab is Transforming US Into a Socialist State



Commentator Bill Atwood says shortages developing in stores will ultimately lead to hoarding and panic.
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Americans understand “Line Mentality”. Kids learn it in school and accept the concept because they’re taught that there will be enough for everyone so just wait until it is your turn. When the child gets to the counter, they get their food or item and move on. What is prevented is the feeling of panic that you won’t be able to get the item you are seeking.

In the 1970’s we experienced gasoline shortages and for many weeks we endured long lines at the gas pumps. People were in a panic mode because we needed to keep our cars full. This created a shift in the marketplace and our regular shopping habits were altered. Odd/even days were enacted, and it slowed down the panic. The supply chain was able to meet the needs and the long lines disappeared.

U.S. Lifestyle is Envy of the World

Our lifestyle is the envy of the world, and we are accustomed to being able to get items when we desire them. Then the government decided to make a grab for power and transform us into a socialist state. Shared misery seems to be the goal.

Bill Atwood


Politicians decided it was better to pay people huge sums to stay home and not work. As businesses in the hospitality sector sought to reopen, they couldn’t get employees to return because it was more lucrative to stay home and collect the unemployment check rather than working and getting less money. Many restaurants have shuttered their doors forever.

Truckers, and other delivery folks saw the same pay differences and have chosen to stay home. People are not stupid; they get more for doing less and they like that.

We have more than 150 cargo ships off the coast waiting to unload their cargo at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. It is because the cargo can’t get loaded onto trucks because there aren’t truckers to drive the stuff away.

We have shortages developing in stores and this will lead to a change in buying habits. People will start hoarding which will create greater shortages which will create more panic and the empty shelves become commonplace.

Leaders Must Inspire

Leaders must inspire those being led. What we are witnessing from our nation’s leaders is a dreadful lack of leadership. The president looks dazed and confused and hides from taking questions from the press. He looked confused last week during his Town Hall meeting on CNN. Anderson Cooper was asking softball questions and Joe was struggling. He doesn’t have time to get to the border?  He has Air Force One at his disposal.  He has spent 70 days in Delaware. He could send Kamala, but she is too busy filming fake conversations with paid actors posing as interested students.

More than 1.7 million people have illegally crossed into our nation and Joe hasn’t a clue how to control it. The Secret Service just spent $450,000.00 on a fence around Joe’s beach house. I don’t begrudge him the security. I guess he knows fences keep people out of his property. If so; use a thirty-foot-high fence along the southern border.

Last week an editorial was published telling Americans to lower their expectations and to be willing to accept less. Balderdash!

Government Should ‘Stay Out of the Way’

I expect today to be better than yesterday and tomorrow to be better than today. I expect the government to stay out of the way and to allow industry and business to supply our needs. I expect to enjoy the benefits of being a free person allowed to enjoy my rights granted to me by God.

Joe expects us to suffer. After all; he still gets his ice cream cone.

This article originally appeared in the Sierra Star and has been republished with permission. 

About the Author

Bill Atwood is retired educator with a doctorate in public administration from the University of Southern California. He resides in Madera County and serves as a trustee with the Bass Lake School District.

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