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Tucker Carlson Is Stirring Up Hatred of America



Fox News host Tucker Carlson is the producer of a new documentary titled Patriot Purge. (AP File/Richard Drew)
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All around you are swirling scenes of violence—explosions in Baghdad, ISIS operatives slitting the throat of an infidel, the chaos around the U.S. Capitol on January 6. You see jarring images of blood and brutality; you hear the grating sound of screaming; you feel the rush of fear and rage.

But then a calm, sympathetic man steps forward, dressed in a button-down shirt. Fox News host Tucker Carlson compiles everything you have just witnessed in the video into a single narrative. These stories are confusing, he says, because they have been staged or manipulated. None of them has ever been what they seem.

The program is deliberately designed to make viewers question the most important institutions in their society, the very same ones that, until now, inspired faith and belief among America’s conservatives.

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