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Tech Entrepreneur Donates $50K for Chaffee Zoo’s New Tiger Center



The zoo lands a $50,000 donation from Eugene Park, second from right, for its new tiger enrichment center. (Fresno Chaffee Zoo)
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The Fresno Chaffee Zoo has its claws set on a new project after getting a $50,000 donation from the founder and CEO of Parsec Education, a Fresno-based educational data analytics and technology company.

“The natural world is a child’s best textbook. There is no better way to learn about animals, wildlife conservation, and veterinary science than to visit Fresno Chaffee Zoo.” — Eugene Park, CEO, Parsec Education

The donation will help build a new tiger enrichment area, “Kingdoms of Asia,” which is set to open by the end of 2022.

“This is where kids can learn directly from field experts about the wonders of the animal kingdom,” said donor Eugene Park. “For Parsec Education, our donation to Fresno Chaffee Zoo is an investment in the countless number of children who visit the zoo every year. We invite other businesses to do the same.”

‘Purrfect’ Place to Learn How to Care for a Tiger

According to the zoo, the new tiger area will give guests an opportunity to witness the care given to the animals.

Visitors will be able to watch zookeepers safely working while they attend to a tiger’s medical needs by providing ultrasounds, tail blood draws, hip injections, and tail blood pressure.

This enrichment area will also engage the tiger’s natural instincts, creating an immersive atmosphere for guests to be a part of, said Lyn Myers, the zoo’s general curator.

“This generous donation allows us to not only create a beautiful, immersive atmosphere for our guests, but it also allows us to provide state-of-the-art habitats for our animals,” said Myers.

In addition, the cats will be given items that help them with claw maintenance. These include placing various rocks and trees for the tigers to navigate, climb, and leap across, and a line for hanging enrichment items so the tigers can wrestle with toys or larger food items.

“The natural world is a child’s best textbook,” said Park. “There is no better way to learn about animals, wildlife conservation, and veterinary science than to visit Fresno Chaffee Zoo.”

Measure Z Vital to Zoo Projects

The $30 million Kingdoms of Asia exhibit has advanced through donations and Measure Z., which is a countywide sales tax of one-tenth of 1% supporting the zoo.

Measure Z was first passed in 2004 and then renewed by voters for 10 more years in 2014.

To date, Measure Z has generated nearly $137 million. About $54 million has been used to support operations and maintenance. Two-thirds of the revenue, about $83 million, has gone to the renovation of exhibits and building new attractions such as African Adventure and Sea Lion Cove.


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