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Zakaria: Democrats Need to Become the Party of Building Things



(AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky)
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There is plenty of evidence that the Democratic Party has moved so far left that it is out of sync with Americans on many of the cultural issues that are being successfully weaponized by the GOP, says Fareed Zakaria.

Democrats need to correct course — and they need to do so clearly, forcefully and repeatedly, he says. For instance, why is the Biden administration not announcing large new public works projects every week, financed by the federal funds appropriated under their watch?

The answer is that it has become very difficult to build anything in America, especially in blue states. Democrats have become paralyzed by their own ideas and interest groups, and no one seems able to break through and actually get things done, says Zakaria.

The party needs to change that and make government work for people, he says, which is a lot more important to most Americans than using the right pronouns.

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