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Actress Jessica Chastain Says Ukraine in Focus Overlooking Iran Because it’s ‘Mostly White’



US actress Jessica Chastain.
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“Zero Dark Thirty,” and “Interstellar” actress Jessica Chastain claims the war in Ukraine gets more attention than Iran’s “women-led revolution.” “I’ve done a lot of press recently, and a lot of people want to talk about Ukraine. But when I bring up Iran, no one wants to talk about that,” she said. “I think because it’s a women-led revolution, and I think because Ukraine is mostly White people,” she added.

Chastain, has been outspoken about what’s happening in Iran after the killing of 22-year-old Masha Amini for wearing a hijab incorrectly. “Her death led to thousands of Iranians taking to the streets, demanding an end to violence and discrimination against women. Dozens of these protesters have been killed,” she said. In a November 2022 tweet, she urged people to “Stand with Iran.”