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Iranian Nationalists Deny Authority of Current Regime



Women, in particular, have been at the forefront of nationwide protests in Iran. (Shutterstock)
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For a long time, many in Washington believed that military action against Iran would only worsen the situation. It was thought that such a move would create a sense of nationalism and unity, leading the Iranian people to support the regime. However, this idea is no longer accurate, as Iranian nationalists seem to oppose the current regime. Iranians have become more Westernized and enamored with ideas like basic rights and democracy. Women, in particular, have been at the forefront of nationwide protests, indicating that opposition is widespread.

If there were to be a Western military response to the current situation, it is unlikely that it would heal the divide within Iran. The regime has sought to create militant believers abroad in response to an increasingly hostile domestic audience. However, these efforts have met pushback, even in Shiite regions. Iranian society has become increasingly secular, and the public has become indifferent to Israel’s intrusions. It seems that the Iranian people blame their economic struggles on their leaders rather than U.S. sanctions. In summary, U.S. military action would not improve the situation, and may even further stoke Iranian anger towards the regime.

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