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Israel Could Strip Palestinians of Citizenship, Deport Them, Under New Law



A newly passed law in Israel simplifies the process for authorities to strip Palestinians in Israel and occupied East Jerusalem of their citizenship and residency. (Shutterstock)
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Israel’s parliament has passed a law that enables authorities to withdraw citizenship and residency of Palestinians who have been imprisoned for “acts of terror” recognized by the Israeli government and receive financial aid from the Palestinian Authority. The law also allows deportation of Palestinians to occupied territories. Palestinians with Israeli citizenship or Israeli residency, including those residing in occupied East Jerusalem, can be stripped of their status if convicted or charged of “terrorism” and receiving money from the PA.

According to Salam Irsheid of the Haifa-based Adalah Legal Center, the law deepens the apartheid system in place in Israel and creates separate laws for Palestinians and Jews, putting the citizenship and residency of Palestinians in danger.

The law has been criticized for its racism and arbitrariness, as it punishes people multiple times for acts they have already been charged and sentenced for. Deportation of Palestinian prisoners violates international law and constitutes forced displacement, says Irsheid. The new law provides a basis for further punitive legislation related to the citizenship of Palestinians.

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