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John Deere, Other Equipment Makers Look to Hire Laid-Off Tech Talent



John Deere is among the many Midwest companies trying to hire laid-off tech workers from Silicon Valley. (Shutterstock)
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Deere & Co., the world’s largest tractor maker, and other major agricultural and construction equipment companies in the United States are trying to attract tech workers from Silicon Valley who have faced layoffs and hiring freezes.

These firms have an abundance of job openings and are offering remote work options and opening offices in large cities to attract workers who don’t want to move to smaller Midwestern towns. The executives believe the available tech talent can improve the farm equipment industry by bringing in AI and automation expertise.

CNH Industrial, an American-Italian machinery company, hired over 350 engineers last year, including some from Microsoft and Amazon, and plans to spend over $1.4 billion in research and development this year.

Caterpillar is also looking to recruit tech talent, with a 30% increase in new hires in machine learning, computer science, and software engineering in 2022. Industry experts say the window for hiring tech workers is short, as they may also have opportunities at startups.