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Mad Duck Brewpub Lands at New Copper River Marketplace



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Locally owned Mad Duck brewery and restaurant will be among the first operators at the new Copper River Marketplace on the northwest corner of Copper and Maple avenues.

In addition to Mad Duck, the potential owners and tenants include a veterinary clinic, a car wash, and other services.

Copper River Marketplace, a commercial center serving the Copper River Ranch area, is developed by Granville Homes, whose president and CEO is Darius Assemi, the publisher of GV Wire.

The project’s unveiling took place Friday morning.

Marketplace Supports a Walkable Community

“The most important thing is, this is a much-needed service to keep this neighborhood more walkable — to dine, to get services, to get ice cream,” said Assemi.

“This will be one of many Granville neighborhood marketplaces that we will be opening up.”

Fourth Location for Mad Duck

This is the fourth location for Mad Duck, which is owned by Alexa Costa. While this new one won’t have a brewery, it will be a brewpub, Costa said.

Mad Duck describes itself as an “American pub with great food, great beer, and great cocktails. We believed that it takes just as much work to make great food as it does to make bad food.

“The difference is the pride you take in your work. It was a simple idea; but is something we believe in. It was the constant that pushed us. It is still that simple principle that drives us. Take pride and be happy in all that you do.”

The 6,000-square-foot restaurant is expected to open in late 2023 or early next year.