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Palestinian and Arab Israelis React to Proposal to Weaken Israel’s Courts



Thousands of Israelis have protested a proposal to weaken Israel's judiciary, but most Palestinian and Arab Israelis aren't participating. (Shutterstock)
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Thousands of Israelis have protested a proposal to weaken Israel’s judiciary, which some argue would politicize the court system. However, many Palestinians and Arab Israelis see the courts as already politicized and do not regard Israel as a democracy for them. As a result, few Palestinians have participated in the protests against the judicial overhaul.

A Palestinians’ Perspective

In an NPR interview, Sawsan Zaher, a human rights attorney and Palestinian citizen of Israel, argues that Palestinians cannot talk about democracy when there is occupation. She believes that the protests do not create an equal basis to include everyone and that many Israelis are fighting for an image of democracy that, from the Palestinian point of view, never really existed.

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