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Dropping Dimes: Hundreds of Thousands in Coins from US Mint Stolen from Parked Truck



Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of dimes from the U.S. Mint was stolen from a truck parked overnight at a store. (Shutterstock)
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A truck containing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of dimes was broken into while it was parked overnight at a Philadelphia store, and authorities say the thieves apparently made off with at least $100,000.

The theft was reported around 6 a.m. Thursday. The tractor-trailer driver had picked up about $750,000 in dimes from the Philadelphia Mint on Wednesday, authorities said, and was planning to transport them to Florida on Thursday.

It’s not clear how many people may have been involved in the theft or if they knew what the truck contained. Responding police officers found hundreds of dimes scattered all over the parking lot, and authorities were still trying to determine how much money was stolen.

No arrests have been made.

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