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Bud Light Sales Fall 26% as Transgender Backlash Worsens



The Dylan Mulvaney controversy continues to hurt Bud Light. (GV Wire Composite/Paul Marshall)
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The Dylan Mulvaney controversy continues to hurt Bud Light.

Beer Business Daily reported Sunday that Bud Light’s sales volume for beer sold outside of restaurants and bars–was down 26.1% from a year earlier for the week that ended April 22.

On April 1, Mulvaney, a transgender social media influencer, posted a video of herself cracking open a Bud Light on her Instagram page. She showed off a can with her face on it that Bud Light sent her — one of many corporate freebies she gets and shares with her millions of followers.

Three days later, entertainer Kid Rock posted a video of himself shooting cases of Bud Light. He joined a chorus of conservative critics who objected to the company’s marketing partnership with Mulvaney. The outrage comes at time when transgender issues — including gender-affirming health care and participation in sports — are a divisive political topic, especially in red states.

Beer Business Daily noted that Coors Light volume was up 13.3% in the third week of April, while Miller Lite volume rose 13.6%. The swap in market share between Coors Light and Miller Lite versus Bud Light has been nearly one-for-one, according to the trade publication.

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