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Ian Bremmer: Republican Identity Crisis: Chris Christie vs. Donald Trump



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The only way out is through. That’s how former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie views the 2024 GOP primary, and more specifically, how he views its frontrunner, former President Donald Trump.

“I think there’s one lane for the nomination, and right now Donald Trump’s in the front of that lane,” Christie tells Ian Bremmer in a wide-ranging interview for GZERO World. “And if you want to get in the front of that lane, you better intervene and go right through him because, otherwise, trying to go around him? I don’t think it’s a strategy.”

Bremmer invited Christie onto the show to take a big-picture look at how things are already stacking up for the upcoming primary fight, and one thing is clear: It won’t be pretty. From Christie’s own … um … complicated … past with the man whom he was first to legitimize back in 2015, to the more pressing issues facing the country today, Bremmer and Christie cover it all. They also discuss the news of the week, with Christie expressing confidence that Republicans and Democrats won’t drive off the debt-ceiling cliff with hands clasped (or slapping each other).

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