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Shocking Russian Death Toll in Ukraine Reveals Grim Reality



US intelligence declassified report indicates that over 100,000 Russian fighters have been killed or injured since December alone. (Shutterstock)
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More than 100,000 Russian fighters in Ukraine have been killed or wounded since December, according to newly declassified U.S. intelligence. The figure includes around 20,000 Russians who have been killed in six months. The Kremlin has rejected the claim.

Majority of Deaths from the Wagner Mercenary Group

The majority of those killed, over half, were ex-convicts recruited by the Wagner mercenary group who were reportedly sent into battle without sufficient preparation. National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told reporters Monday they were “thrown into combat” in Bakhmut,” and lacked “sufficient combat training, combat leadership or any sense of organizational command and control.”

Russian Winter Offensive in Bakhmut

The eastern mining city of Bakhmut has become the focus of a Russian winter offensive that has failed to make progress. In the ongoing conflict surrounding the city, both parties have experienced significant losses. Their forces are entrenched in a relentless struggle, wearing away each other over time. Despite the intense nature of the battle, Russian soldiers have managed to make gradual, consistent progress. However, they have yet to achieve a meaningful wins that would serve as a potent symbol of victory.

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