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CVS to Pay Fresno County $475K for Selling Expired Meds, Baby Formula



CVS has had to pay out because of outdated products several times previously. (AP File)
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CVS will pay Fresno County $475,000 as part of a settlement for selling expired baby food, medicine, and infant formula.

Fresno County was among 12 California counties that participated in the case, according to a news release from the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office. In total, the pharmacy giant will pay $7.5 million, including $5.9 million in civil penalties and $600,000 for the cost of investigations.

The Fresno County District Attorney’s office will receive $19,000. CVS will also pay $1 million to various nonprofits, including the Central California Food Bank, which will get $125,000 from that amount.

The case was heard in Santa Cruz County.

Investigators did not find anyone who was harmed by the expired products and the release stated CVS officials then did their own checks for expired over-the-counter drugs, infant formula, and baby food.

Those with CVS agreed to retrain store personnel to make sure goods aren’t expired.

CVS Has History of Settlements for Selling Expired Products

CVS has had to pay out because of outdated products several times previously.

This week, CVS agreed to pay $6.1 million in a settlement to the Massachusetts Attorney General’s office after being accused of overcharging prescription medications to employees receiving workers’ compensation, according to Mass Live.

In 2016, agents with Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office found expired drugs, infant formula, and dairy products. The company paid $450,000 to settle.

In 2009, the North Carolina Board of Pharmacy disciplined CVS for giving patients expired medications. Their ability to sell medication was suspended for seven days, according to a board order.

After signing a legally-binding agreement in 2003 with the New York attorney general to stop selling expired drugs, an investigation found 60% of stores were selling expired medications, some more than two years past their expiration dates, New York Injury Law News reported.

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