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Chaffee Zoo Welcomes a Baby Giraffe. Good News for Species in Africa, Too.



Siku, a Masai giraffe at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo, gave birth to a boy last month. (GV Wire Composite/David Rodriguez))
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The Fresno Chaffee Zoo has a new baby male giraffe.

Siku gave birth to the calf last month.

Mom and calf are Masai, which are also known as Kilimanjaro giraffes. They have distinctive jagged, irregular leaf-like blotches extending from hooves to head.

Their native territory is Kenya and Tanzania.

According to the zoo’s animal care team, the calf is doing fine after early complications.

“The calf is currently behind the scenes, but you can find more updates about their newest addition on the Zoo’s social media channels,” said zoo spokeswoman Emily Valdez.

Giraffe Population Rebounds Globally

Giraffe populations have been on the decline globally until recently. In response, the Association of Zoos & Aquariums —the organization accrediting the Chaffee Zoo — mobilized resources to increase awareness of giraffe conservation and support field conservation.

In addition, the Chaffee Zoo is teaming with conservation organizations in an attempt to boost giraffe populations, zoo officials said in a news release.

National Geographic reported last year that new research indicated that giraffe numbers are on the rise after decades of decline — rare good news in the conservation world.

“According to a recent analysis of survey data from across the African continent, the total giraffe population is now around 117,000, approximately 20% higher than it was thought to be in 2015, when the last major survey was published,” the magazine said.

About the Chaffee Zoo

The 39-acre zoo is home to more than 200 different species. Its newest exhibit, Kingdoms of Asia, educates visitors about animals all across the globe and the conservation efforts to protect

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