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Barr Blasts Trump Over Classified Documents Case



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In a recent CBS News interview, former Attorney General William P. Barr roasted ex-President Donald J. Trump for his “reckless conduct” relating to his indictment and mishandling of classified documents. Barr pointed out that Trump’s actions were bad for the nation and the Republican Party.

‘Consummate Narcissist’ and ‘Fundamentally Flawed Person’

Barr didn’t hold back in his criticism of Trump’s character, calling him a “consummate narcissist” and a “fundamentally flawed person.” He accused Trump of putting his ego above everything else and lying to the Justice Department about the classified documents he had.

Trump, charged with illegally retaining classified documents, pleaded not guilty last week. He is the first ex-president to ever face federal charges. Despite Barr’s previous defense of Trump during the 2016 campaign’s Russia investigation, he now insists that the charges in the documents case are a different matter.

‘Entirely of His Own Making’

Barr concluded that Trump’s current legal situation is “entirely of his own making.” He criticized Trump for having “no right to those documents” and for obstructing the government’s respectful attempts to get them back for over a year.

Read more at The New York Times.

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