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Sacramento Sheriff Defies Own Vote, Shares License Plate Data with Anti-Abortion States



Sheriff Jim Cooper is accused of sharing automated license plate data with out-of-state agencies, potentially violating a law he voted for. (Shutterstock)
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The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, run by Sheriff Jim Cooper, has been sharing automated license plate reader (ALPR) data to police departments in states that have outlawed abortion, like Alabama, Oklahoma, and Texas.

This is despite the fact that Cooper himself voted for a law back in 2015 that was supposed to limit this kind of data sharing.

The Electric Frontier Foundation (EFF), a group that fights for digital rights, has asked the Sheriff’s Office to stop giving out this data. They’re worried it could be used to go after people trying to get an abortion.

The EFF also found out in May that 71 police departments in 22 California counties were doing the same thing, which goes against the 2015 law.

But Cooper doesn’t seem too bothered. He’s defending the data sharing, saying it’s legal and helps them solve serious crimes.

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