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In a Trump-Biden Rerun, 47% of Voters Would Look at Third-Party Candidate



Independents overwhelmingly said a third party was a consideration for their 2024 presidential vote. (GV Wire Illustration/David Rodriguez)
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A poll released Wednesday showed that 47% of respondents would consider a third-party candidate if former President Donald Trump faced off again against President Joe Biden in 2024.

The poll from Quinnipiac University showed independents leading the way in the study with 64% saying they would consider a third party compared to 30% saying they would not. Only 35% of Democrats said they’d consider a third-party choice while 38% of Republicans said they would, too.

“With neither President Biden nor former President Trump knocking it out of the park on favorability, almost half of the country would consider another option,” said Quinnipiac University Polling Analyst Tim Malloy.

Who Has Most to Lose if Independents Seek Alternatives?

If these poll results hold, that could be challenging for Biden, who took 52% of the independent vote in 2020, compared to Trump’s 43%, according to Pew Research.

Voters below the age of 65 are particularly interested in weighing their ballot options.

Those 18 to 34 said they’d consider a third party 53% to 40%. From 35 to 49, a  substantial majority said they’d consider a third party 57% to 41%. It was an even split for people between 50 and 64 years old. Forty-seven percent said they’d consider a third-party selection and 47% said they wouldn’t.

The trend reversed for those 65 years and above with only 31% saying they would examine a third-party candidate.

Biden’s approval rating has slipped to 38% from 41% in June. Trump left office with a 29% approval rating.

Of the eight issues presented to respondents, the economy and “preserving Democracy” were the most important.

  • 31% said the economy
  • 29% “preserving democracy”
  • 7% abortion
  • 7% gun violence
  • 6% immigration
  • 6% health care
  • 6% racial inequality
  • 5% climate change

The non-partisan poll from Quinnipiac surveyed 1,809 people who said they were registered to vote. The survey included 727 Republican and “Republican-leaning” voters and 763 Democrat and “Democrat-leaning” voters.

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