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Naked Rampage: Woman Unleashes Gunfire on San Francisco Freeway



No injuries reported, woman taken for mental health evaluation. Police haven't said if any cars were damaged. (GV Wire Illustration/David Rodriguez)
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So, there’s this wild story out of San Francisco.

Police arrested a naked woman who was shooting a gun on the freeway. She was first seen driving recklessly, then she stopped her car, got out with a knife, and started yelling at other drivers. She got back in her car, drove a bit more, then stopped again, this time getting out completely naked. She started shooting a gun on the side of the road and walked across traffic. She kept shooting until she ran out of bullets.

Luckily, no one got hurt and the police didn’t say if any cars got damaged. They arrested her after she dropped the gun and took her to the hospital for a check-up and mental health evaluation.

This whole thing caused a part of the freeway to close for about ah hour and a half. This is the second time in less than a week that a part of a Bay Area highway had to be closed. The other time was because a guy was having a mental health crisis on a bridge.

More at the LA Times.


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