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Trump Calls Biden ‘Dumb Son of a B**ch’ and GOP Rivals ‘Clowns’



Former President Donald Trump arrives for a campaign rally Saturday, July 29, 2023, in Erie, Pa. (AP/Sue Ogrocki)
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Facing more legal challenges, Donald Trump ramped up his calls for his GOP rivals to drop out of the 2024 presidential race.

And, he threatened to go after Republicans in Congress who don’t focus on investigating Democratic President Joe Biden.

In a rally on Saturday in Erie, Pennsylvania, Trump additionally assailed Biden as “a dumb son of a b**ch.”

Trump also urged a halt to Ukrainian military aid until the White House cooperates with congressional investigations into Biden and his family.

“Every dollar spent attacking me by Republicans is a dollar given straight to the Biden campaign,” Trump said.

Time to Clear ‘Clowns’ Out of GOP Presidential Field

The former president and GOP front-runner said it was time for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and others he dismissed as “clowns” to clear the field, accusing them of “wasting hundreds of millions of dollars that Republicans should be using to build a massive vote-gathering operation” to take on Biden in November.

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