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Zakaria: Immigration Can Be Fixed. So Why Aren’t We Doing It?



(AP File Photo/Julio Cortez)
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n recent years, millions of migrants have arrived at the Mexican border, with huge numbers claiming asylum. Although some might have legitimate claims, most are fleeing the same conditions of poverty, violence, instability and disease that have been driving would-be immigrants to the United States for hundreds of years.

America’s laws and rules around asylum must be fixed so that immigration authorities can focus on the small number of genuine asylum seekers while compelling the rest to seek other legal means of entry.

At the same time, it’s important to note that the United States is facing a drastic shortfall of labor and must expand legal immigration in many areas for just that reason. We urgently need to attract the world’s best technically skilled people so that they can push forward the information and biotech revolutions that are transforming the economy and life itself. With unemployment rates around 50-year lows, it is obvious that we need more workers in many sectors of the economy, from agriculture to hospitality.

If this is done in a legal and orderly manner, Americans will welcome the new workers.

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