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Scam Callers Pose as Fresno Sheriff’s Deputies. Write Down These Numbers.



Scam callers claiming to be from the Fresno County Sheriff's Office are targeting residents. Be aware of (559) 214-2111 and (559) 241-8222. (Shutterstock)
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Scam callers claiming to be from the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office are targeting area residents.

Two numbers used by the con artists that residents should be aware of are (559) 214-2111 and (559) 241-8222.

The sheriff’s office was recently contacted by a citizen who reported a suspicious call they received. The scam caller identified himself as Fresno County Sheriff’s Civil Unit Sgt. Kevin Baxter, a name not associated with any real Fresno County Sheriff’s Office employee. The caller claimed the citizen had a warrant for their arrest and needed to pay a fee.

The citizen, suspecting the call was fraudulent, told the caller they would research the claim. The caller then hung up.

Sheriff’s Office Never Calls Asking for Money

The sheriff’s office wants citizens to know that it never solicits money or asks for any kind of payment over the phone. Any phone call requesting compensation is fraudulent.

Con artists often use these aliases as scare tactics and frequently target elderly citizens. It’s important for the public to be aware of this trend and educate friends and family about these fraudulent attempts. If you receive a similar call, do not comply with the caller’s demands or disclose any personal information.

The sheriff’s office requests that anyone who receives such a call document and report any information they can, such as the caller’s name or phone number.

How to Report Scams

Sheriff’s spokesman Tony Botti also said that residents for reporting scams online. If you are a Fresno County resident, visit and click on “Reporting a Crime” at the top of the page. Then, select “Harassing Phone Call” to make a report. You can also report to the Federal Trade Commission by visiting

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