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Despite Criticism from the Biden Administration, Ukraine Makes Progress in Conflict with Russia



Despite Biden Administration's critique, Ukraine makes strategic gains against Russia, reclaiming Robotyne and disrupting supply lines. (AP File/Paul Ellis)
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While the Biden Administration criticizes Ukraine’s approach to the conflict with Russia, Ukraine has made significant yet modest progress on the battlefield. Recently, Ukrainian forces pushed through Russian defenses in the southeast region of Zaporizhzhia Oblast, successfully reclaiming the village of Robotyne. This move is strategically significant as it potentially disrupts Russian supply lines. The Institute for the Study of War reported that Ukrainian forces are gradually approaching the second line of Russian defenses.

US Criticism of Ukraine’s Military Strategy

The U.S. administration has expressed concerns over the pace of Ukrainian advances and the dispersal of forces across multiple front lines. However, concentrating forces in one area could leave other sections vulnerable to Russian retaliation.

The U.S. criticism of Ukraine’s military strategy appears somewhat ironic given its own history of dealing with fortified defenses, such as during Operation Desert Storm where a weeks-long bombing campaign was used to weaken enemy defenses before deploying ground troops.

The U.S. has pledged long-term support to Ukraine, including training pilots to fly F-16 fighter jets and supplying Abrams tanks, although these reinforcements will take months to arrive. Meanwhile, Ukraine would benefit from more immediate support, including long-range Army tactical missile systems, additional tanks, and drones.

Despite criticism and challenges, Ukraine’s counteroffensive should not be deemed a failure. President Biden’s political future is intertwined with Ukraine’s success, and increasing the odds of victory would be beneficial for both America and Ukraine.

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