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Next-Gen Superbatteries: A Game Changer for Electric Vehicles?



Auto manufacturers aim to replace standard Li-ion EV batteries with advanced solid-state ones for faster charging and longer range.
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Electric vehicle (EV) users often desire three things: a longer driving range, quicker charging times, and an affordable price tag.

The Evolution of EV Batteries

To address these needs, auto manufacturers are working on replacing the conventional lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries that power most EVs with advanced solid-state variants. These next-generation superbatteries have been touted for their faster charging and extended driving range capabilities. After years of technical challenges, the production of the first solid-state Li-ion batteries is now imminent.

Toyota’s Solid-State Battery Breakthrough

Toyota, the world’s leading car manufacturer, started exploring solid-state batteries in 2012. Despite the lack of visible progress, the company recently announced a significant technological advancement. They plan to begin producing a solid-state battery by 2027. Toyota asserts that its new battery will enable an EV to travel approximately 1,200 km (746 miles), nearly double the distance many current models can cover, and recharge in roughly ten minutes.

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