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BBC Video: The Struggle for Women’s Rights in Iran After the Death of Mahsa Amini



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A video posted by the BBC tells the heart-wrenching story of a brave Iranian woman, now living in exile in Italy, who was compelled to protest following the death of Masa Amini. This marked her first involvement in any form of protest, a decision that would forever change her life.

During the protest, she was shot while trying to assist young protesters who were pulling down pictures of the supreme leader. The bullet, which was later removed from her head by surgeons in Italy, cost her the sight in her right eye. Despite the physical and emotional pain, she equates the loss of her eye to losing a loved one, stating that an eye is a part of someone’s beauty.

Her story is not an isolated one. Many Iranians suffered terribly in a brutal crackdown against the women-led uprising. Hundreds were killed, thousands were arrested, and seven were executed. The protests eventually died down, but the widespread fury that had ignited them remained.

The video also highlights the plight of Iranian women who now go out unveiled, despite the risks of being fined, denied public services, or jailed. A 20-year-old music student from Tehran shares her fear and bravery, stating that they just needed a tiny spark to light the fire.

A prominent filmmaker, who was jailed for several months after criticizing Iran’s supreme leader, believes a profound social revolution is taking place across classes and across the country. She notes that men’s public opinion of women has changed significantly since Masa’s death, praising women’s courage.

The video ends with the woman in exile expressing her longing to return home and her hope for better days in Iran. Despite the hardships she has faced, she has no regrets, stating that she cannot remain silent in the face of oppression. Her heart beats for life, for Iran, and for the people of Iran.

This video serves as a stark reminder of the sacrifices made by individuals in the fight for freedom and the ongoing struggle for women’s rights in Iran. It is a testament to the courage and resilience of those who dare to stand against oppression, even in the face of grave danger.

View the YouTube video above or below.

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